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Besides the "pure" translations I, of course, offer you supplementary services which comprise revising texts that have already been translated just as revising the proof sheets of documents that are to be printed.

The particularly constant customers of mine are granted a quantity discount which depends on the total amount of lines that are ordered within a certain period of time. The maximum comes to 15 % of the listed prices. On demand - whether by mail, fax, eMail or telephone - I will readily send you complete information and answer your more comprehensive questions.

According to the requirements, I edit the prepared translations by means of modern word processing. You, the customer, will decide on the output medium. By way of example, you are able to print out the text according to your own requirements when it has been sent as a "doc"-type file, and certainly to modify the text format, too. But the delivery "on paper" is likewise possible and usual as much as ever.

I consider text categories of a far-reaching scope. The rather technical resp. scientific language of operating instructions, product descriptions and patent specifications are familiar to me just as the wording of legal documents such as contracts and opinions. You are invited to benefit by my professional experience of many years and my competent education particularly in the scientific field.

My place of work, Baden-Baden, is one of the most beautiful spa towns in the world. Is there anybody who doesn't know the Kurhaus, the Caracalla Thermal-Baths, the racing weeks in Iffezheim, the Festspielhaus, the second largest opera house in Europe, only to point out a few facilities? By all means, this town provides the needful tranquillity I require for bringing forth constantly good results of my work.

I thank you for the interest you have invested in me by reading my homepage. I am already now looking forward to furnishing proof of my capabilities.

Very truly yours
Hans-Heinrich Beetz

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The General Terms and Conditions (AGB) (for the time being only in German available) of the party undertaking the order shall be valid for all agreements. All offers are accordingly without engagement.

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